Monday, April 19, 2010

Cat o' Nine Tails by Julia Golding

I believe that this is a great story. Without reading the other books in the series I was able to grasp the concept of the story. There were many plot twists, like when Cat becomes part of an Indian tribe. The ending is unpredictable and is hard to guess.

Reviewed by Sabrina.

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Cat is spending time with her friend Tom at his winter home when she gets a letter saying that her old time friend has disappeared. While looking for him Cat, Tom and Pedro are captured and are put on a ship going to the New World. The three are threatened, but when they touch land Cat gets away. Befriended by Native Americans she then makes her way to Pennsylvania to uncover the man who set the plan up, Tom's cousin.

It was a very well written book and, even though I have not read the first books, I could still understand what who characters were and what was happening in the beginning. It was a very interesting historical fiction book. I even liked it and I'm not really into historical fiction.

Reviewed by Amelia.

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