Friday, July 27, 2012

Darkness Before Dawn by J. A. London

   Darkness Before Dawn is a nice book to read if you have time on your hands and you can get sucked up in a story.  I won't give away the ending, mostly because there is another book coming.  I will say in the few nights that it took me to read this, I got sucked into the story.  Now, thanks to this book, I am pretty scared that Sin (a character in the book) will come and get me.  This is a vampire love story book, but you won't like it if you are a Twilight fan.  You see, this has blood, sadness, and many more twists than you would think something like this would have.  If you like to learn more about the character as the story goes on, this a good one to read.  You don't learn everything about the main character, Dawn, at the very start. You learn bits and pieces of her own past throughout the story.  This makes it sound like she's telling you the story and she's forgotten a few things, or she didn't feel the need for you to know about that at the time.  It's a good book with a lot of action and turns you'll never see coming.  I  was pretty shocked at some parts.

Reviewed by Julia.

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