Monday, December 3, 2012

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading by Tommy Greenwald

It was an ordinary school day for Charlie Joe.  There was a book report due and he went to his main source, Timmy, because they had an agreement that Timmy would read the books for Charlie and in return get an ice cream sandwich.  Timmy raised the price to two ice cram sandwiches.  Charlie didn't have enough money for two ice cream sandwiches so he was shocked at the sudden change.   Later Charlie finds out that Timmy is just nervous about lacrosse tryouts.   The coach's daughter likes Charlie so Timmy thinks that the coach will take Charlie instead of Timmy.  Timmy is just not going to help Charlie because he wants to focus on lacrosse not on reading books.  To help Timmy Charlie goes and does the unthinkable.  He ...

This story was great!  There was trickery, laughs, and lots of trouble, which made it better yet.  This would be a terrific book for 11-14 year old kids.

Reviewed by Isaiah.

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