Friday, April 19, 2013

Marathon by Boaz Yakin and Joe Infurnari

Marathon is an attention grabbing graphic novel that tells the life story of a Roman slave turned messenger.  The drawings are drawn using a line style making them look rough and sometimes details are a bit difficult to make out, but this seems to actually be a good thing in this particular case because the story of a Roman takes place in a different time where events and life in general is perceived as being rough and old, which is consistent with how the pictures look.  The story line itself keeps you captivated with the characters progression, both in physical and personal strength.  The personality of the main character and the obstacles that he faces on his journey grab your attention and focus and keep you glued to the book until the very end.  The one complaint that I see in the story line is that the author never seems to go into much detail about the characters' backgrounds, leaving you with a fairly shallow connection to the character.  Overall I fell that the flaws are extremely insignificant in comparison to the rest of the story and that the few existing flows may even be a part of what gives you your experience of reading Marathon.

Reviewed by James.

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