Monday, October 31, 2011

Radiance by Alyson Noel

I liked Radiance because it was interesting. In the book Riley (the main character) dies in a car crash with her dog Buttercup. In the afterlife she meets a dorky guy named Bodhi, who is her guide. Riley is now a soul catcher who tries to get ghosts to cross over the bridge to the afterlife. Her first mission is to get the radiant boys over the bridge. Surprisingly, she did. After that Bodhi had to cross over the radiant boys' mom, the wailing woman. Bodhi crossed her over. Then they fly around London and when they land that's the end.

I though it was surprising and interesting.

Reviewed by Madelyn.

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I did not like the book Radiance as much as the others. I do not exactly love Alyson Noel's style of writing, but I really loved the book other than that. Alyson Noel is very detailed in her writing, which is one of the things I look for in writing. I am happy that Radiance was not the first and only book of Riley, Buttercup, and Bodhi's adventures.

I would rate this book 9 out of 10. I really did like the book, but the writing style is not my favorite.

Reviewed by Lexxi

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