Monday, December 3, 2012

Return to Daemon Hall: Evil Roots by Andrew Nance

Return to Daemon Hall: Evil Roots is about a famous author's writing contest gone terribly wrong with dark magic for the second time.  All the contestant kids were fated with rewriting horrific historic events, which they believed to be fictional stories made up in their heads.  But when they turned out to be true and are coming back to haunt them there is no one to save them, only each other.  And they must escape the place where it all began, Daemon Hall.

This book is a very well and simplistically written book.  It has a perfect balance of description and action throughout the book.  Even though I have not read the first book in the series this one gives plenty of information to follow the story well, without leaving the returned readers bored.  The short stories throughout the book I thought were fantastic within themselves, and add color to the context and some foreshadowing.  I sometimes would completely forget it was a story within a story until I got to the end that was how well hooked I was.  Overall I thought it gave the perfect hint of darkness along with beauty.

Reviewed by Sabrina.

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