Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bye For Now by Kathleen Churchyard

Bye For Now is a really great book. It's about 11 year old girls who wish themselves into each others bodies. Robin, the main character, turns into Fiona Walker of England. Robin's older brother's girlfriend, Alia, was a wisher (a person who wishes themselves into another wisher's body). Alia never got to go back home, so she was able to help the wishers all out. The wishers were Robin Haggersly, Fiona Walker, Dori Simpson, Samantha De Groot, Liz Schoot, Rosa, Neera Gupta, and Naomi. They all get in contact with each other and all wish at the same time.

I really liked this book because it was about eleven year old girls and it was really saying "Be careful what you wish for." This book was really interesting!

Reviewed by Grace.

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