Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Miss Fortune Cookie by Laura Bjorkman

Miss Fortune Cookie is a sweet story about a girl who is on a blog in which people ask her for advice and she in return sends them a fortune cookie with an explanation and advice.  Then her blog and real life start conflicting.

I thought the story was a little too simple for my reading level and just a bit boring.  The problems don't come up until late in the story and the characters seemed petty and just boring.  I don't see Erin, Miss Fortune Cookie, being the best and most reliable at giving advice as she has so many relationship struggles throughout the story.  Many things didn't fit for me, the fact that she was going to Harvard even though she supposedly had a mother that didn't have money to keep a phone on.  The complaints are strong as I did  not enjoy it at all. The only part I found the least bit compelling was how Erin is a white girl portrayed as an outsider as opposed to it being the opposite.  I would not want any teenagers to read this but maybe some younger kids in sixth or fifth grade would value the story more strongly.

Reviewed by Melissa.

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