Friday, April 19, 2013

Mastering Comics : Drawing Words and Writing Pictures Continued : a Definitive Course in Comics Narrative by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden

After going through Mastering Comics I feel that it is an extremely useful source for an art teacher, computer teacher or even someone who just wants to learn more about art.  This book goes in depth in different art techniques such as drawing concepts and things to think about while drawing   The book also tells how to add textures and draw detailed cartoons on the computer.  For teachers, the book has assignments and tasks to aid in making a lesson plan and assign homework that is both easy and optional.  The book brings up new styles and techniques to help any average artist or cartoonist who wants to extend their understanding or skill at drawing, computer drawing, or even cartoon story lines   All in all Mastering Comics is a very useful tool for anyone interested in drawing cartoons or even just extending their skill at drawing.

Reviewed by James.

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