Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tis & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison

Tris & Izzie is a book about a girl who grows up with a mother who is a witch and thinking her father died from the flu.  She has the perfect life but than a boy named Tristan comes along and ruins it all, and it's not his fault.  Izzie then finds out that she actually has magic of her own and must defeat an evil serpent that killed her father.  Along the way she falls in love with Tristan., finds out her best friend loves her current boyfriend and then has to set the two up.

It was an okay book, definitely not what I expected though.  When I first read the description I thought Izzie was going to be a normal teenager and Tristan was going to make her life a mess because he was attracting other magical beings.  But nope!  They don't even mention the fact that Izzie's mother is a witch in the description and it bugs me a little bit.  Also, I think it takes a little too long for her to realize she loves Tristan and it wasn't because of a "love potion" that wasn't a love potion.  It was kind of like the author was trying to do Harry Potter in a new form.  The fact that they didn't bring up how she couldn't swim till the end made it weird too.  Also, many of the kids in the book club didn't like the cover due to the fact that Tristan wasn't wearing a shirt.

Reviewed by Amelia.

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