Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

Eve and Adam is much less a sci-fi novel than it is a romance novel.  Eve, tasked with creating the perfect boy after being in a horrible accident which almost took her  life, finds out a disturbing secret about herself and her mother.  Somewhere along the line, she finds herself falling in love with Solo, the boy who took her away from the hospital and who works at Spiker Pharmaceuticals (Eve's mother's company).  Along with this, her creation, Adam, once awakened is in love with her.

Now being sort of a closet romantic, I thought this might be a nice book for me, being a fan of both science and a bit of romance on the side.  As it turned out, the novel was 7/8 romance with perhaps a brief mentioning of science.  Not to mention  that towards the end it became painfully predictable.  That's not to say it's horrible, no.  As a romance novel, it accomplishes its job incredibly well.  As a sci-fi novel, however, it seems that it falls short.  I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who would look at a book like this and think, "genetic engineering, that's pretty cool."  Eve and Adam is meant as a romance novel and always will be.

Reviewed by Kaitlin.

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