Friday, March 23, 2012

Lost! A Dog Called Bear by Wendy Orr

Lost! is a book about a boy named Logan and a girl named Hannah. Logan has to move away from his home on a farm to a new home in the city. he moves with his mom and his dog Bear. When they were driving to their new home they stopped to eat. Bear got out of the car and ran away. Now Logan has to find his dog Bear. What Logan loves most in the world is Bear.

What Hannah wants most in the world is a dog of her own but her parents say no because, "We live in the city and our yard is too small." Will Hannah ever get a dog of her own? Will Logan ever find Bear? Read this interesting book to find out.

I recommend this book for all ages. Even though it might look like a book for younger kids it's really a good book. My little brother, who is 6, loves it and wants to hear the end.

Reviewed by Morgan.

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