Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

Shadow is a story about a boy named Aman and his mother.  They used to live in Afghanistan where they were tortured, hungry and homeless.  They traveled to escape to England.  They lived in peace for 6 years until the police arrested them for sneaking into England, even though they had been there for a long time.  The worst part about it all is they have to get sent back.  Aman's mother even says she would rather die than go back over there.  It's all up to Aman's best friend, Matt, and Matt's grandfather to help them.

I couldn't put it down.  There was parts that sent shivers down my back and other parts that I gasped because I was so shocked.  I don't know a whole lot about war, but reading this gave me a new perspective about it.  About people living in caves instead of homes, barely having enough food and giving up your one friend that helped you survive through it all.  It was making me depressed.  There were parts when some people had the smallest little shred of hope and someone came and destroyed it, crushing it like a bug.  I could feel what the characters felt.  I could see through their eyes, even though I was staring a black and white page.

In other works, I just loved it.  I would recommend it to anyone that loves books where you never know what's going tp happen next.  I also liked how you could see three characters' points of view.

Reviewed by Bryana.

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