Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spellbound: The Books of Elsewhere, Volume 2 by Jacqueline West

I listened to "Spellbound: The Books of Elsewhere, Volume 2" by Jacqueline West, read by Lexi Fridell. It was really good. It is a fantasy/fiction. The book was about a girl named Olive Demwitty. Her parents were mathematicians and they taught at a college. Her parents Alec and Alice Demwitty were very odd. when Mr. Demwitty mowed the grass he left the lawnmower out for 3 or 4 days afterwords. Her mother, Mrs. Demwitty, had a habit of leaving groceries on the top of her car and when she drove away onions and oranges came toppling off the car.

Olive's friend Morton was stuck inside of a painting. Olive really wanted to get Morton out. The house she lives in used to belong to a family with the last name of McMartin. Mr. McMartin was a painter and painted enchanted paintings. They left all their paintings in the house, their three talking cats, and a pair of thick spectacles. Olive had found Annabelle McMartin's locket in a lake while trying to be drowned by Annabelle. Olive really tries to get Morton out. How do you think she'll do it? If you'd like to know, read or listen to "Spellbound: The Books of Elsewhere" by Jacqueline West read by Lexi Fridell.

Overall, I really liked it. The book was a little bit confusing because when it said that Annabelle McMartin had tried to drown Olive, it never gave a reason. The reader was good, but it was hard to figure out which character was speaking. One word that they said too much was "gangly".

Reviewed by Grace.
Reviewed from an audiobook on CD.

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