Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rock God: The Legend of BJ Levine by Barnabas Miller

This book follows BJ Levine, ordinary kid.  Well, that is, until he finds a book on how to become a Megalord of Rock!  He and his friends embark on an epic quest to fulfill the story of the book, going on a wild road trip to motorcycle bars, music competitions, and full of rock!

This book was a great read and a lot of fun!  The book seemed to be for upper middle school, but I still enjoyed it a lot.  I would recommend it to a friend, citing the generally light-hearted adventure and humor.  I found the wacky adventures and original plot compelling.  I found the book readable for 12 and up.  There was no thematic content or anything objectionable.  The only down side was that the book referenced a lot of classic rock artists, so some readers might be confused or lose a few jokes.

Quality: 4, better than most.
Popularity: 4, broad general teen appeal

Reviewed by Colleen.

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