Monday, December 3, 2012

Promised by Caragh M. O'Brien

Promised is about a girl named Gaia who is responsible for leading the people of Sylum to safety.  Taking the only chance they have to survive she brings them to seek help from their old home, the Enclave, that they had escaped long ago.  But while trying to persuade the Enclave's leader she gets dropped in the middle of genetic experiments.  And how she reacts in her position will determine what the future of her people will be.

In my opinion it was a good book.  Not the best, but still good.  The conflict of the story was very well put together and creative along with the story line.  But the characters should have gone deeper, and made the reader think they are based on real people.  You also must have at least a bit of background knowledge on genetics to follow the story and know why things are happening.

Reviewed by Sabrina.

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