Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

Violet Eden's seventeenth birthday is coming up, a day she dreads, as it marks the anniversary of the death of her mother.  On her birthday, however, she finds out from her kickboxing trainer that not everything is as it seems.  Lincoln, her trainer, is half angel, half human, a race known as Grigori.  She also finds out that she herself is Grigori, and that Lincoln is her partner.  They are partners to defend the world against Exiles, angels exiled from heaven.  But then she meets Phoenix, an exile.  She is torn; does she accept her destiny with Lincoln or give it up to be with Phoenix?

The book is geared towards teens (16+) and contains violence as well as some themes.  Mild language is present.  I would recommend this book to a friend.  I would tell my friend about the premise and how it was not something I'd come across before.  While there are a lot of angel books, this one stood out.  I did finish the book, although I did find the love triangle and Violet's constant focus on the romantic aspects a bit overdone.

Reviewed by Colleen.
Reviewed from an advanced reader copy.

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