Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Book of Life By Angel by Martine Leavitt

This story was so touching and an amazing book.  Written in poem form, it managed to amaze me in many ways.  Angel is a girl living with her abusive boyfriend as a prostitute.  He is forcing her to be a prostitute while she is hooked on drugs.  When her boyfriend Call brings a little girl to them, stolen from her parents and threatens her to not leave or he will hurt her brother, Angel continues to prostitute herself while at the same time trying to stay to her pure Angel form.

This story was deep as the character tries to get off drugs and find her inner angel as she battles extremely terrible problems.  I found it a phenomenal book.  I would definitely recommend this to any young adult and would re-read it over and over because it was simply beautiful.

Reviewed by Melissa.

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