Monday, December 3, 2012

Wanted! : A Guinea Pig Called Henry by Wendy Orr

This book was about a girl named Sam.  Sam wanted a pet for her birthday but her parents wouldn't let her get one.  Her parents finally decided to take her to the Rainbow Street Animal Shelter.  Samantha picked out a guinea pig and called him Henry.  At school her brother Liam was afraid to read in front of the class.  Samantha thought that Liam should be able to read in front of Nelly, a dog she saw at the animal shelter.  Samantha told her idea to the school principal, Liam's teacher, Mona and her parents.  Mona brought Nelly to Liam's school and all the kids got to read to him.

I liked the book because it was very descriptive.  I could picture Sam's room and the hallway, the classroom, the principal's office and the animal shelter.  That is why I liked the book.

Reviewed by Kate.

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