Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Missing! A Cat Called Buster by Wendy Orr

Missing!  A Cat Called Buster is about a cat named Buster and his four brothers and sisters, Fluffy, Pretty, Sleek, and Black.  Buster was born in a box.  The first owner didn't like cats so she threw them out in the box they were born in.  So then someone in a black car picked the box up and threw it into the car's trunk.  Buster was frightened.  Mr. Larson was the man who took the cats with him, but the kittens were too little so he threw all but Buster out into the street.  Mr. Larson didn't know he was allergic to cats but he ended up in the hospital because of it.  Will Mr. Larson get better and return home to Buster?

I give this book a three and a half out of five because it was interesting story but it wasn't interesting enough to get a five.  It was a little confusing to read.  The cats were cute.

Reviewed by Araya and Bryana.

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