Monday, December 17, 2012

Passenger by Andrew Smith

Two boys, Jack and Connor, are once again lured to the alternate dimension called Marbury.  As soon as they attempt to destroy the lens that takes them to the other world, they are sent to different regions in it that they had never seen before in their travels.  They encounter similar obstacles as in the first novel, The Marbury Lens, but this time they are alone.  The boys are pursued by a nonchalant cop trying to solve the mystery of a boy named Freddie Horvath's murder, and an annoying young boy named Quinn Cahill who thinks he is the actual king of Marbury.  All Jack and Connor want is to find each other and return to their own dimension.

I would recommend this book to any fantasy/suspense loving young adult out there.  Passenger was just as freaky and interesting as its predecessor, but added new elements that the readers are sure to love.  The author, Andrew Smith, kept the same excitement and horror that was praised for his first book, in order to create another successful novel.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and look forward to more works of Andrew Smith.

Reviewed by Rachael.

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