Monday, December 3, 2012

Abandoned!: A Lion Called Kiki by Wendy Orr

This book is about a lion named Kiki that has to go to Africa.  Mona goes to her Uncle Matthew's circus and he gets her a baby lion.  She names the baby lion Kiki and raises it.  She also has 5 dogs and a goat.  They all get along well.  Mona didn't realize that when Kiki got older she would have to let her go to Africa because she couldn't be raised as a pet forever.  When Kiki was twelve weeks old Mona brought Kiki to a zoo.  The zoo sent Kiki and two other lions to Africa.  Mona's grandparents had told her to follow her dreams.  Mona followed her grandparents' advice and followed her dreams to help animals.

I liked this book because it was very descriptive and I liked the way it was written.  Everything about this book was great.  I loved it.

Reviewed by Kate.

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