Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison

Lo has lost her brother and her family is still not over it.  Her family has become distant and Lo's hoarding addiction has grown.  Whenever she gets the urge to grab something it's no longer a choice, but an impulse.  Soon Lo finds herself tangled in with Sapphire, a dead stripper's murder and making her own findings.

The story was amazing with great and unique characters and I found myself in love with the author's descriptive writing style.   I loved the character of Flynt, which was both mysterious and interesting.  The twists in the story never ceased to amaze me and always peaked my interest.  Perfectly fitting for it's genre, I would definitely want teens to read this but not the younger children as there are mature themes.  I absolutely loved this book to ends no one could understand and hope many more read it!

Reviewed by Melissa.

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