Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Orphan of Awkward Hills by Keith Graves

This story is about a girl named Josephine that moves to a place called Awkward Falls.  Awkward Falls is know for its sauerkraut and its insane asylum.  Josephine is bored so she can't help exploring the dilapidated mansion next door.  In the mansion she discovers an orphan who lives alone with his robot butler.  Then on top of that the most insane criminal in the asylum escapes and is heading right for the mansion.  Can they stop him and save the orphan from his biggest fear (the orphanage) before it's too late?

This was a good book.  It had a few very good plot twists that kept me interested.  There was very good detail and the black and white pictures really added to the story.  I would rate this book and 8.5/10 because it would drag on from time to time.  But overall it was a good book and is good for all ages.

Reviewed by Josh.
Reviewed from an advanced reader copy.

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