Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hurricane Dancers by Margarita Engle

The book Hurricane Dancers was a great book told by many points of view. It was a poetic way of telling history before your eyes. The book is about four main people; Quebrado, the young slave of Spanish and Taino ancestry on the ship; Bernardino de Talavera, the Caribbean's first pirate; Alonso de Ojeda, a brutal fighter and a pirate's hostage; Narido, a young boy from Ciboney Island who is also a fisherman; Caucubu, the young daughter of a Ciboney chief who has an arranged marriage to a person she doesn't know at all but she is in love with another man.

Hurricane Dancers is a very good book and it's easy to figure out how the characters are feeling and I guess a lot of people could connect to the characters emotions. The book is filled with emotion, drama, and connections. It's a very easily understood poetry book, except children a few years younger than in fifth grade might get lost in the point of this book. It could also get confusing at times and a little annoying, but I still recommend this book to children my age.

Reviewed by Sofia.

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